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At Birla Institute of Management Technology, we aim in making future-ready professionals, and amongst many other efforts, inculcating responsible business habits is one to which we pay maximum attention. In the same line of action, BIMTECH has collaborated with Yunus Social Business Centre, Bangladesh, and has officially launched Yunus Social Business Club in BIMTECH. The club established will work towards making society aware of the social business club.

To mark this journey, on 2nd November 2022, our esteemed director Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Deputy Director Anupam Verma, Dean of Research and Chairperson of YSBC BIMTECH Dr. A. Sahay along with the eminent chief guests; Sustainability Ambassador Smiley Mukta Ghoshal, Director, WaterAid Dr. Biswanath Sinha, and Prof. K.K.Upadhyay Chairperson, CSR(BIMTECH) illuminated the event.

The welcome address from the Director Dr. H. Chaturvedi kicked off the event. He emphasized the dedication to sustainability. He shared about the career and contributions of Prof. Mohammad Yunus to sustainable development and its importance in today’s world.


Deputy Director Anupam Verma highlighted the importance of ESG in todays business environment. He highlighted the role teachers and students play in sustainable development. The number of academic and research initiatives of BIMTECH on sustainability was also enumerated by him.

YSBC chairperson Dr. Sahay started by congratulating the team’s effort towards working for a noble cause. He shared the vision of Spreading awareness of Social Business in Society and the mission to educate people about social business, to build a social business community of researchers, practitioners, and academicians, and to nurture social values among the youth.


Thereafter, the YSBC logo was revealed by respected dignitaries along with the YSBC website which was designed by BIMTECH students was also unveiled.

Soon after the launch of the website, the club also announced an international-level competition for the students under the name of “SocioBizz”.


As the evening progressed, in the same line of action the  panel discussion began and was moderated by Dr. A. Sahay. Our esteemed guest Sustainability Ambassador Smiley Mukta Ghoshal discussed how any business opportunity can be turned into a sustainable business. She discussed the value of engaging in personal sustainability practices. She also accentuated the need for green entrepreneurship in todays fast-paced environment.

Dr. Biswanath Sinha, Director, WaterAid enlightened students with his own experiences while working in the non-profit industry. He also valued the part that honorable organizations like the YSBC play in instilling social ideals in people. Mr. Sinha also spoke about his efforts to safeguard our nations water resources and praised the Indian governments Jal Jeevan effort.


Prof. Upadhyay Chairperson, CSR(BIMTECH) discussed how all corporations, not just large ones,
but the MSMEs can play a part in preserving the environment. The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A round with the budding managers and a lively discussion came out.

For the final part, Dr. Reeti Kulshrestha, Member Secretary of YSBC thanked all the dignitaries for
making this launch successful.


The event was concluded with felicitation of dignitaries by the Director and deputy director and smiling faces.

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